What calibers are allowed at your range?

All calibers up to but NOT INCLUDING .50BMG are allowed on range. Full metal jacket and hollow points are allowed, but no tracer, armor-piercing, or incendiary ammunition is permitted. Shotguns are allowed on range but must use slugs, no shot.

Can my child come with me to the range?

Yes! Children/minors are allowed on the range when accompanied by an adult. The ear and eye protection must fit properly, and they must stay within an arm’s reach to the supervising adult at all times while on the range.

Can pregnant women shoot at the range?

For the safety of the woman and child, pregnant women are not permitted out on the range.

Do you have rental guns available?

Yes! We have over 60 different guns available to rent. You can view our list of rental guns here. (Rental inventory may vary.)


Do you buy and sell used guns?

Yes! We buy, sell, and trade for used guns. We always have a large inventory of used guns available.

Do you do special orders for firearms?

We offer a wide selection of firearms, but if we don’t have what you want in stock, we will be happy to order it for you! Please stop by or call to check our inventory if you are interested in a specific firearm.

Do you offer layaways for firearm sales?

Yes! We offer layaway services for firearm sales. A 25% deposit is due up front to hold the firearm, and you then have 60 days to pay the remaining balance.

Do you carry loading supplies at your store?

We do not carry loading supplies at this time.

Do you offer any sight-in services at your store?

Yes, we offer sight-ins for rifles and handguns. Turnaround time is normally 48 hours, this changes somewhat during hunting season as the demand is higher.

When are your LTC classes offered?

Our LTC courses are offered the 1st and 3rd Sundays each month. Please call us or stop by to check the schedule and sign up for the next class!

Please call us with any other questions you may have. Thank you!