Karen and Red themselves

Karen and Red

Red’s Indoor Range has been in the shooting range and retail firearms business for over 25 years, proudly serving central Texas with a high-quality indoor shooting facility as well as retail location with an extensive inventory of firearms, ammunition, and accessories.

In August of 1991, Red came to Austin from Humble, TX to open Red’s Indoor Range, in addition to the store he had in Humble. He had always wanted an indoor range. At the same time, Karen was in the process of trying to put together financing to acquire the range. Red got there first!

Karen offered to keep his books in return for shooting free. Within a year, she became a stockholder in the range and 23 years later is a full partner.

We are a close-knit group of employers and employees. We think of our “guys and ladies” as family. Those who have gone on to other careers, moved out of state, or back to school, we miss them! They still visit when they can and keep in touch!

On a sad note, we would like to honor one of our long-term employees and our first retiree.


Our Grampa Mack

Harold Mack Farrell passed away on June 11, 2014. There’s not a day we do not miss “Grampa”.

Mack’s personal and unique style of life was to love everyone in his life as much as he could to the very end, and to tell you “how it is” until the very end of his life. He was an honest man!

Mack had forgotten more about firearms then most of us will ever learn. He was an avid SASS (cowboy action) shooter and had many friends who enjoyed shooting with him at Agarita Ranch with the Plum Creek Shooting Society where he was known by his SASS moniker “Elroy Rogers”.