Sure Shots

Women’s Pistol League

sure shot funSure Shots provides a safe, enjoyable and educational environment for ladies of all ages and experience levels to learn and grow their shooting skills for recreation, competitive or defensive shooting.

Sure Shots currently has two chapters in Austin—South and North. Regular practice is on alternating Wednesdays at 7pm—one week at Red’s Indoor Range in Oak Hill, the next week at Red’s location in Pflugerville.

Red’s extends to the Sure Shots the same special rates as their Mondays’ “Ladies’ Day”, where the cost per hour is only $7.50, and the rental of ANY gun is free (you just have to buy your ammo there).

Sure Shots also regularly have free classes on a variety of topics relating to shooting and defensive mindset, which takes place in the classroom on practice nights from 8:15-8:45. There are no membership fees to become a Sure Shot… just show up!

Whether you are brand new to shooting, or are a seasoned veteran, Sure Shots always has a plethora of excellent instructors and coaches on hand who are happy to help you gain knowledge, experience and skills!

sure shot galsSure Shots also regularly has special events and classes. Some are shooting related events, such as all-day outdoor training courses and IDPA and Steel Challenge matches. Others are geared towards self-defense and safety. In addition to the courses, there are always other SUPER FUN activities and social events. Sure Shots know how to have a blast! We may be called a “pistol league”, but we aren’t limited to just pistols! We shoot anything and everything, including rifles (some of which we’ve built ourselves), shotguns, and even full-auto! We are quickly becoming a world-class, kick-ass team of lady shooters that are a force to be reckoned with!

We’ve even got our own online magazine!  Check out

Come and check it out, even if you’re not sure yet if it’s your thing. You may be surprised at how fun and easy shooting is! And if it’s not your thing, please add us as a friend and support the female gun enthusiasts of Austin!